The band "ALTCITY" has evolved over the years from members of several other bands.  We were all tired of the same old tired bar & club music and decided to play sets of select reinterpreted cover and original songs.  Not just any cover songs, but great songs that are a bit more in the Alternative genre but are still all major hits to this day!


After coming together as the ALTCITY band we've discovered we're strong at organizing and playing new songs quickly and easily, so we're adding new original and select cover songs nearly every rehearsal.  We'd like to invite our fans to suggest their favorite songs. You might just be surprised that we've added them to our set list.


What's in a name?  Figuring out a name for a band is ridiculously hard. We came up with "ALTCITY" because well, we thought the word "CITY" is somewhat easy to say and remember, and "ALT" comes from Alternative music which also gave us the idea of an upside down picture of a city (San Francisco, in case you couldn't tell) for a logo.


ALTCITY members include:

  • Guitars & Vocals: Jeff Fleisher

  • Lead Guitar & Vocals: Steve Sutherby

  • Lead Vocals: Margo Sloan

  • Bass: Chuck Geber

  • Drums & Vocals: Alex Hernandez


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